Friday, August 10, 2012

Twitter And How It Effects Baseball

Author: Nathan Mize

"Follow me on Twitter!", seems to have sneaked it's way into everyday conversation. Twitter has become an essential part in mostly every one's life. It is a place where people get all their jokes, updates, and news all in one. But when does it get to the point where there is too much news? This is extremely relevant when it comes to the current summer Olympics in London. NBC has tape delayed most of the games so that the main events can be shown in "prime time". Of course, if you are on Twitter, you find out who won what several hours before it hits your television. Some people enjoy it but most people are outraged, saying it takes all the fun away from the Olympics. That's just the 2012 Olympics. The real question is, how has effected America's pastime?

Depending on who you ask, you can get very different answers. If you ask the older generation, (40-80) they might say the same thing most people say about the Olympics, it takes all the fun away from the sport. Why even watch or listen to the game when countless accounts give you play-by-play? The Mets fan base is a great example of this. In my opinion, I could sit in a room with no TV or radio and just read my Twitter Timeline and get the exact same experience as watching it. I do not prefer this, however. It's not a true Mets game unless I am listening to Gary, Keith, and Ron give me color of what's happening inside the game. It is just amazing that Twitter can make you feel like you are watching the game but in reality, you are reading less than 140 characters scroll by in an instant.

If you ask the middle generation, (20-39) they could definitely be conflicted. Considering the fact that most people in this age group have a Twitter account, they don't think of Twitter effecting baseball. It is just there. You are not obligated to check play-by-play, just watch the game and use Twitter as a reference if needed. I think that is the fine line in the talk about social media in general ruining any sport. Nobody said you HAD to get a Twitter. You don't HAVE to check it every hour for updates. If you are out and taping the Mets game at home, don't go online. If you think Twitter is ruining the game of baseball, then maybe the online life isn't for you.

In my opinion, Twitter has neither hurt or helped the game of baseball. Of course, it comes in handy when we are away from the TV and we find out baseball history was just made through Twitter. But instead Twitter has just added color to the sport. Someone hits a grand slam, a fan on Twitter can describe if he is ecstatic or devastated. Maybe a fan caught that grand slam ball and he wanted to tweet about it. So in conclusion, Twitter is purely what you make of it. You decide who you want to follow. It is a place for jokes, updates, and news but more importantly...color. Go Mets.



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